Indications and Usage for Effexor

Effexor tablets are indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD).depression
The 6 week clinical study was held to assess the efficacy of Effexor in the treatment of MDD. Patients with MDD and melancholia who used Effexor benefited from the treatment significantly compared with patients who were administered placebo.
Patients with episode of depression usually demonstrate the following symptoms which last for more than 2 weeks:
•    Insomnia;
•    Phychomotor agitation or retardation;
•    Appetite changes;
•    No interest in everyday activities;
•    Increased fatigue;
•    Mood changes, persistent sad mood or feelings.
Besides patients with major depression can have suicide thoughts or attempts.
Effexor extended-release capsules hold its antidepressant effect for up to 26 weeks after 8 weeks of acute treatment. The treatment of acute periods of depression should be initiated as soon as possible. Drug choice is usually made by a doctor. If you decide to use this medicine consult your doctor first.

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